Why did Core NRG Holdings, LLC make their own cryptocurrency coin?

When you sit back and watch the fluctuations of the financial market, it makes you realize how connected we all are as a business owner. The structure and integrity of the financial market is going to effect how you operate your business. The variables of business ownership can be positive or negative, whether it is changing your payroll structure to bring people in the door, or ordering food for a restaurant, or having to slim a utility cost, even right down to the hours of operation to be the most cost effective. Jason Jean, founder of Core Biz Coin says, “You need to control your controllables,” this is a small and powerful statement. This statement is so true and relevant when it comes to operating your business. You must constantly be ahead of the game and seeing the whole field. Ultimately, no matter what analogy you use, you need to be on your toes with the changing tides that come with owning a business, small or large!

Starting our own coin was just that, it was seeing the whole field and having the hind site perspective of watching the demise of so many businesses during the pandemic. The failing of society was a wakeup call for us to find as many ways as possible to help our customers to either pay a rental bill, order a sandwich, get some CBD gummies, or build a house. No matter the situation, we could or would face, we knew at Core NRG Holdings that we needed to think outside the box and give options to our customers.

Building our own, from the bottom up, not only helps our customers, but it helps the growth of the company and keeps us ahead of the game. When you are one of the first in a field, then you set the parameters and standards on how things will work, it’s important to be the first making that footing. More importantly, be right and successful at being first. The key is knowing your customers, that your customers know that investing in the Core Biz Coin is a bonus to them because they have the ability to pay for items under the Core NRG Holdings umbrella, plus they can make money on their investment in the Core Biz Coin.