Core Biz Coin

Today we sit down with the founder of Core Biz Coin, Jason Jean and discuss “the why” surrounding cryptocurrency.

Hello, Jason, and thank you for taking the time to answer some questions about why you decided to pursue the development of your own coin, which would seem to be more time and financially consuming.

  1. Why cryptocurrency?

Answer: About two years ago I started to notice that mainstream media, and the presidents of banks, and other very successful investors really started to focus on the negative aspects of cryptocurrency. When these negative conceptions became noticeable on such public forums, I knew that this must be something that is a real nuisance if they are trying that hard to debunk it.

Now, the first time I heard about cryptocurrency was, if I remember correctly, something related to or surrounding Aston Kutcher. I can’t even remember the date, but it was a very long time ago. So, from that time up to a few years ago, I never really put much time or thought into it. And then, all of a sudden, boom! It’s all over the different news media being negatively talked about. All I know is when something stirs up some controversy in an industry, I knew I needed to start educating myself and researching about what the deal is.

Fast forward, I decided to invest in some coins just to watch and see. It has been an interesting ride through its highs and lows, but overall doing very well despite the inherent risk of investing. Recently, a friend started his own token and strongly advised me that it’s time to pull the trigger on this market. I am dedicated to a process when I start it, and once I finished my research, I pulled that trigger and Core Biz Coin was born!

  1. What is your idea/concept behind Core Biz Coin?

Answer: The concept behind Core Biz Coin is all about currency. As a company that takes currency, it was an easy decision to invest in our own currency, which is investing in any future endeavors, or expanding current endeavors. The purpose and operation of Core Biz Coin is in its functionality. Whether you want to buy a piece of land, or build a house in one of our developments, or buy a hamburger at one of our future restaurants, you will be able to use your Core Biz Coin to purchase in any venue, or in other business opportunities that Core NRG Holdings, LLC is investing. We are currently in an unrested economy, and our belief and foundation of success lies within thinking outside the box when it comes to making and securing money.

  1. Do you think cryptocurrency is here to stay?

Answer: I believe that without a doubt that cryptocurrency is here to stay. As I said earlier, when the government and very connected, wealthy people start to raise their eyebrow and get on a soap box about something, especially something that has been around for decade, that is an indicator, a sign of some sort, to pay attention. You have to ask, what are they trying to distract from? That is a cue to lean in and figure out what they want to control, then get in it before it’s too late. This is exactly why I back my own coin as a currency and investment. I am not interested in a small venture, it’s either do it big or don’t do it at all. The order of business was the launching the Core Biz Coin.

  1. How hard was it to launch the coin?

Answer: It was no easy task to launch a coin! The foundation of building a coin is finding a quality developer. When I get an idea, I need it started yesterday, and the developer I have was able to work within my timeline and expectations, which wasn’t easy to find, but I did and wasn’t short of nothing but a positive experience. I started the process by watching video after video of multiple and credible crypto educators. Once I felt I had achieved enough knowledge to talk in an educated manner to a developer, I started interviewing developers from all over the world. I ultimately found a developer in Germany, and not only was I able to research everything about him but other coins he’s developed. Not only is your developer a key aspect in the process, but it is also equally important to know what exchange your coin will be listed. It’s a very tedious process, but wow it’s been so awesome learning about something completely new and being involved in something that most people don’t even know about, much less do!

  1. What scares you the most about cryptocurrency?

Answer: That scariest part about cryptocurrency is how our government will be involved, it’s having a gut feeling that they will somehow screw it up. So far, they have tried to meddle in this market and haven’t been successful. Unfortunately, it is just a matter of time until they find ways to get their hands on it. With that said, it’s better to be in it before them, than after.

  1. What would you tell people getting into cryptocurrency

Answer: If anyone asked me about moving into cryptocurrency, I say do it! Whether or not you buy Core Biz Coin, educate yourself about the process, make a move and get in. Investing in cryptocurrency is an investment in your future, a type of investment that isn’t tied to the banks or the government and regulations. Being able to autonomously make a decision about future financial security is good enough for me and should be for you also. The growth and capabilities of cryptocurrency is here to stay. If this is a new culture of growth and security, start your investment small, in whatever amount you can afford on a monthly or every paycheck capability and put into the market.