Core NRG Holdings, LLC develops its own cryptocurrency, the CORE BIZ COIN

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Core NRG Holdings, LLC announces its CORE BIZ COIN

CORE BIZ COIN, The Coin for Everyone

Tampa— 3/1/2022 Today, the founder, Jason Jean, partner Steve Fantetti and counsel AJ Ceberio of, Core NRG Holdings, LLC (“CoreNRG”), announced for immediate release, their ICO (initial coin offering) of Core Biz Coin “The Coin for Everyone”. Core Biz Coin is a cryptocurrency that will be taken as a form of payment in their current and upcoming business ventures. It has financial and interactive capabilities that make it unique in the cryptocurrency space.

Customer Impact

Many customers of the CoreNRG product lines, and current users that are vested in the cryptocurrency market, will be happy to hear that they will be able to use their Core Biz Coin when purchasing their staycation at a future Tiny Stay USA, for Beach & Bull apparel and/or for a dinner at a Beach & Bull restaurant location.

Tiny Stay USA (“Tiny Stay”) is one of CoreNRG’s concepts that involves a membership base to access a small, pre-built, minimalist hotel-room styled home that is strategically located near the events you travel to see.  Staying at a Tiny Stay home allows you to be closer to resorts, stadiums, concert venues, universities, or other areas in close proximity to exciting events. Tiny Stay eliminates the hassle of booking hotels or dealing with remote hotels when you want to be close to the action.

Beach & Bull is a full-service, sit-down restaurant and bar concept, which serves American tavern-style entrees and appetizers, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, to include an outdoor patio location adjacent to the indoor portion of the restaurant – all of which have the vibe and feel of a pub and country bar combined. These are only a few of the concepts the CoreNRG group of companies is projecting to make available to the public. Jean and Fantetti have confirmed these concepts, and among others, will accept Core Biz Coin as currency for purchases.

“We are going to change the crypto market,” said Jason Jean, Founder of Core Biz Coin. “One coin and one person at a time.”

Product Availability

Early offering of the Core Biz Coin will strategically place its coin holders in a position to reap the benefits of this form of use of cryptocurrency. Founded in 2022, Core NRG Holdings, LLC is set to be one of the first to take its own coin as payment in different business formats and to build off that success.

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