To build any successful brand you have to have people who believe in the brand! If you go to a pub and ask what soda is on tap you may decline a drink because you like the other brand. That goes for really any brand.

Core Biz Coin is no different. Our desire to build the coins branding helps when you have a strong community/crew behind it. It’s the belief people have of the coin and it’s success that will bring them hopefully financial success and freedom once they purchase their Core Biz Coins.

Having quality CBIZ crew members that help spread the word and participate in the growth of the brands behind the Core Biz Coin is cruicial not only to the Core NRG Holdings, LLC companies but to the financial success of the Core Biz Coin overall.

click a country below to see where our crew members are from

Jason Jean
North Carolina
Sue Hrib
Kymir Pearson
Daniel Theophel
Christiaan Groenewegen
Muhammad Amjad Akhlas
Ahtsham Ul Haq
Saudi Arabia

If you would like to be part of the CBIZ crew send us a message and lets talk!

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