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Thank you for wanting to purchase our Core Biz Coin and becoming part of the Core Biz Coin family! Looks like you have chosen to purchase your Core Biz Coins with another cryptocurrency. We love that and look forward to the transaction! Below are the steps to take to use another cryptocurrency to purchase your new Core Biz Coins.

STEP 1: Choose and click which cryptocurrency you wish to use to make your Core Biz Coin purchase.

STEP 2: Using the cryptocurrency to USD conversion calculator you can determine the amount of cryptocurrency you will be using for the purchase. You will copy and paste that into your wallet for the transfer transaction.

STEP 3: Copy and paste the receiving address into the receiving address portion of the transaction on your wallet holding your cryptocurrency you will be using to pay for your Core Biz Coins.

NOTE: We always suggest sending a test transaction first. Make this the lowest amount possible your wallet will allow. Doing this helps lower errors for the main transaction. Why? Because this assures the amount you want to use for the purchase of your new Core Biz Coins isn’t lost. Other crypto companies don’t do this and we understand it could be viewed as unwarranted but this helps secure your cryptocurrency transactions go through. There is no getting your cryptocurrency back if something goes wrong. 

STEP 4: Fill out the form that popped up with all your information and submit.

NOTE:Filling out this form will be done twice. Once for the test transaction and once for the final transaction.

STEP 5: Once the transaction settles, your new Core Biz Coins will be deposited into your registered Core Biz Coin online wallet.

Source: CurrencyRate

Pay With Coin Of Your Choice


Copy Payment Address: bc1q9dknvch8yxma2v6d9tep595uvr4k78fz38ek4d

Bitcoin Cash

Copy Payment Address: qqtjl3htxxvn0jwu30jgjv603cqqexre25sep5kwxz


Copy Payment Address: 0x2D34454e68314DD8cd1e109706989c65f5DeA425


Copy Payment Address: ltc1qaqdhwjwycmrs5lekq7hjpqpyadsdcn4eedhejw


Copy Payment Address: bnb1ldx4lpzdu0wt9npa834625msy9v5m3ard37l76


Copy Payment Address: DB4B1LzLgVfhKErtC65MwXZpk6oCuPxh7t


Copy Payment Address: 0x2D34454e68314DD8cd1e109706989c65f5DeA425


Copy Payment Address: 0x2D34454e68314DD8cd1e109706989c65f5DeA425

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